Changes to how we operate

We want our guests and staff to be safe, and are taking this responsibility seriously.  As such Division Inns has made changes to the way our guesthouses operate ~

 Changes in how guests use the spaces

  • Masks are required when using the common areas, and we ask guests not to have others visit who are not staying.

  • Please limit time in the common areas and keep a minimum of 6 feet between your party and others.

  • The kitchen, dining and laundry rooms have been closed.

  • The continental breakfast has been limited to a few items to take back to your room- coffee, muffins, yogurts, fruit and breakfast bars.

  • Hand sanitizers are available in the common areas.


 Changes in how the staff operate​​​

  • Staff are wearing masks and limiting time spent in common areas.

  • Staff receive specific Covid-19 training that covers hand washing, masks, sanitation procedures and distancing.

  • Rooms are cleaned with sanitizing products in-between guests.

  • Frequently touched surfaces such as handles, key pads and light switches are sanitized regularly.

  • Staff are required to wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before consuming or preparing food and are sanitizing hands regularly, regardless of tasks.

  • If staff show signs of illness or have known exposure to someone with Covid-19, they are instructed to self-isolate.

Division Inns has made changes due to Covid-19.  Click Here for our operational plan